Our Teachers

  • Professionally Trained

    We recruit the best teachers who are committed to nurturing and inspiring every child they care for. All our qualified teachers are strictly selected with 7 rounds interview at 7% success rate. 

    Professional Ladder for Teachers is established to promote teachers' continuous professional growth and enhance teachers's professional status. 

  • Officially Certified

    All our teachers are required to hold CTCSOL (official Certificate for Chinese teaching to non-native speakers) or teaching certificate accredited by China's Ministry of Education.

    Mandarin certificate of level 2-A or higher is mandatory. 

  • Differentiated Instruction

    At CUBEChinese, all teachers are experienced professionals requiring a bachelor's degree or higher in either linguistic or teaching Chinese as second-language. Given years of experience in teaching, our teachers are specialized in designing differentiated learning activities according to student's aptitude, attitude, and progress.

    Every child will be taken good care of at CUBEChinese. Our teachers offer the best early care and education to prepare your child to excel while retaining their own individual strengths and passions.

Our Experts

Our curriculum experts exclusively design the curriculum for non-Chinese speaking children based on leading academic standard, not only emphasizing on knowledge expansion but also focusing on simplifying complex ideas to cultivate children's learning interest and enthusiasm.

4-to-1 Service Team

Course Advisor

Personalize learning plan.

Synchronize learning progress

Supervise teaching practice

Professional Teacher

Real-time teaching

1-on-1 after-class tutoring

Educative homework review 

24/7 Consultant

Worry-free after-sales

Swift refund without hassel

Learning Advisor

Coordinate class issues

Regular parent-teacher meeting

Learning progress reporting