Academic Standard

CUBE curriculum is structured in accordance with leading academic standard - ACTFL, HSK, YCT. Chinese National Curriculum Standard, PIRLS, CCSS, CEFR language international standard and Piage's theory of cognitive development.

Immersive teaching methodology is strictly followed to comprehensively help children transit into Chinese learning easily. They can use, practice and rehearse the language in an emotionally supportive environment that stimulates all their senses. 

7Ps Learning Cycle

Diverse Programs

  • 1v1 Private Class

    1-on-1 instructing

    Personalized learning

    Adjustable study plan

    Flexible scheduling

  • Boutique Group Class

    2-4 small group

    Peer learning

    Leading, Collaborating, Competing

    Social skill developing

  • Thematic Open Class

    Cross-cultural engaging

    Interdisiciplinary learning

    Traditional custom presenting

    Hands-on crafts

Related Courses

  • Chinese Phonetics

    Catchy nursery rhymes

    Instructive video and fun practice

    Game-based interactive learning

  • Chinese Culture

    From traditional to contemporary

    Chinese festival and folklore

    Cultural identity development through

    fun-filled activities

  • Extensive Reading

    Selective and inspiring children's book

    Reading and writing competence

    Eager reader cultivation

Pricing Plan

*Our promotion varies month to month and this may not be the most updated package. Please consult our course advisor to find out more.